“K” Line Invites Graduate School Student as Intern from Republic of Mozambique

“K” LINE has offered an internship program as part of a “Master’s Degree and Internship Program” of the “African Business Education Initiative for Youth,” also known as the ABE Initiative, sponsored by the Japanese government and its implementing agency, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

Through the ABE Initiative, which “K” LINE is supporting for the first time, the Japanese government supports young and eligible people from Africa to encourage them to be a part of the development of industries in Africa and to be “navigators” for Japanese companies doing business in Africa.

The intern, a graduate school student from the Republic of Mozambique, attended the five- day internship program from 6 August, including visits to Ohi Container Terminal and a shipyard where a new LNG carrier is currently under construction. The intern also experienced attending various meetings with other parties closely related to the shipping industry.

“K” LINE and its group believe that contributing to development of local communities and international society through educational support and job creation is also an important corporate social responsibility. With this in mind, “K” LINE fosters job creation and skills development in the areas where we operate businesses.