Conduct Emergency Response Exercise

On October 6th, 2022, “the Emergency Response Exercise” was carried out as a part of training of optimum emergency response prepared for any major maritime accidents. The scenario of the exercise developed that a PCC operated by “K” Line collided with a ferry boat when she was transiting in west coast of Japan. We confirmed a series of emergency response process by setting crisis-management headquarters upon receiving an incident report, establishing communication channel with Ship Owner, Ship Management company and conducting a mock press conference at the end of the exercise.


Online tools were effectively used on the assumption that many concerned members were working remotely in response to the COVID-19 outbreak to enhance our communication by using online tools during an emergency response and then identified the points and tasks to work and improve on.


A mock press conference was held both at the press room and online simultaneously. Many questions were raised by the attendees as media reporters that made the event more realistic and momentous.


“K” Line enhance organization system which covers safety and quality management both world-wide marine transportation businesses and regional businesses. Under the slogan of “Never Leave a Ship Alone,” we aim to build a system to support the safety of our vessels around the world by providing constant support to ships at sea, regardless of time difference, from onshore bases.


While growing interest on safety and environmental load reduction over the world, we are preparing for any unexpected and unforeseen circumstances through the “Emergency Response Exercise”.


Furthermore, we promote safety in navigation, environmental conservation, and quality enhancement, which are important to fulfill social responsibility while establish a system to monitor and support the safety of our vessels from shore, in addition to maintaining the safety of individual vessels, and strengthen our global functional strategy system of maritime organizations, personnel, and bases.


Emergency Response Exercise Headquarter              At the mock press conference